Auto Detailing for Apartments, Condos, and Offices

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Auto Detailing Services for Residents, Tenants, and Employees

Big's Mobile Detailing is all about combining quality with convenience. That's why we want to provide your parking garage with its own dedicated auto detailer! Simply choose the day of the week (or month) that you want the auto detailer to service your building's parking garage, and we will be there! For apartments & condos, this means your tenants can get their cars cleaned while they are relaxing at home. For corporate offices, this means your employees can get their cars cleaned while they are on the clock. It's the most convenient way to receive any type of auto detailing service!

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What We Are Offering?

One day per week (or month) that your tenants/employees can sign up for auto detailing services in their very own parking garage

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Payment can be made fully by tenants/employees, partially by the tenants/employees, or fully comped for the tenants/employees.

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All we need is access to a hose spigot, power outlet, and 2-3 parking spots

Your Likely Concerns and How We Address Them:

  • Damages to Vehicles

    We are fully insured and provide a Multipoint Inspection before & after each service.

  • Water Drainage

    With our proprietary steam cleaning method, there's no need for water or drainage! You can say goodbye to pesky water spots and hello beautifully sparkling car!

  • Tenants/Employees Dissatisfaction

    If one of your tenants/employees is dissatisfied, we will fix any missed spots free of charge during our next visit to your location

  • Significantly Impact

    We use 0 water and have a net neutral impact on our environment.

How Our Process Works

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    Call In and Talk With the GM About Your Needs & Logistics

  • 2

    Allow Your Tenants or Employees to Sign Up for a Timeslot During Your Designated Day of the Week

  • 3

    We Come To You and Handle the Rest!

Our Auto Detailing Services Include


Vacuum Interior carpets and seats
Steam Clean carpets and cloth seats
Deep cleaning of door and trunk jambs
Clean all interior plastics
Clean all interior leather
Condition all interior plastics
Condition all interior leather


2 Bucket hand wash using a grit guard
Hand dry using chamois & microfiber towels
Clean wheels and dress tires
Clean and dress wheel wells
Clay bar paint (leaves paint clean and smooth as glass)
Apply a protective coat of light ceramic coating OR wax, your choice!
Polish exterior chrome by hand
Clean gas cap area
Shine exterior plastics (make them shine like they are new)

We tailor our auto detailing services to meet your tenants / employees specific requests and expectations. Our team isn’t happy until our customers are happy, so let us know what we can do to make your vehicle look perfect.

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Big’s Mobile’s Quality Promise

When we wash, detail, or wax a customers’ car, our team always uses high-quality products. We even source our cleaning products from local companies throughout Bothell, Lynnwood, and Mukilteo. You can rest easy knowing we’re using the best-of-the-best to treat your vehicle.

You can also expect top-notch quality from every member of our detailing team. Each team member has been trained to provide thorough, professional auto detailing services. We’re not satisfied with our job until you are.

What People Are Saying About Us Online

4.73 Based on 393 reviews and ratings based on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make things as simple as possible. That’s why we allow our clients to book everything via phone call. Just choose a package, date, and time. Call today to make appointments, change an existing appointment, or cancel if necessary.

Typically, it takes us about four hours to detail one vehicle, but that estimate can change depending on the detailing package. Some washes can be completed in as little as two hours.

No, it is not necessary to have someone present for every detail, as long as certain needs are met. We’ll just need a power and water source, and the cars will need to be unlocked. You’ll also need to pay in advance if your tenant or an employee will not be present to pay in person.

  • Convenient Auto Detailing That Works With Your Schedule

    If you have questions about our services or booking procedures, or if you are ready to book a detailing appointment, please call (425) 243-9155

  • Convenient Auto Detailing That Works With Your Schedule

    If you have questions about our services or booking procedures, or if you are ready to book a detailing appointment, please call (310) 361-2522