36 Best Gifts for Car Lovers in 2023: Expert Picks by Big’s Mobile

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36 best gifts for car lovers in 2023: expert picks by big's mobile

Looking for the perfect gift for your car-loving friend or family member? Look no further! In this article, we’ve rounded up 36 of the best gifts for car lovers in 2023, expertly curated by Big’s Mobile. We’ve divided the gifts into 12 categories, including gifts for the car wash addict, the detailing specialist, the tech enthusiast, and much more! Whether you’re shopping for a family member, friend, or a romantic partner, you’re sure to find something they’ll love in this comprehensive guide to buying gifts for car lovers. Enjoy!

1.) Gifts for DIY Mechanics

Gifts for diy mechanics
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For the gearhead in your life, a gift that helps them with their automotive projects can be a perfect choice. Whether they enjoy tinkering with their car’s engine or personalizing the paint job of the car, these gifts will provide them with the tools they need to tackle any project. 

  • A car lift for the garage: This is a great gift for those with a big garage and multiple cars. It allows them to lift their car into the air and work on the underside with ease. It will cost a pretty penny, but it is a long-term investment that your at-home mechanic will surely make use of.
  • A set of jack stands: Jack stands are an essential safety tool for any DIY mechanic. They are used to connect to the strong metal frame of the vehicle and support it when it is raised off the ground and will help prevent the car from falling or shifting while your loved one is working on it. Think of it as the “little brother” to the car lift and a much more affordable gift option. 
  • A creeper: for working under the car: A creeper is a handy tool that will help the average gearhead get underneath their car and turn a few wrenches. It is a low, flat platform on wheels that the mechanic can lie on and roll under the car, making it easier and more comfortable to access hard-to-reach areas. This gift will definitely save someone some frustration as they work on the underbody of their vehicle.

2.) Gifts for Luxury Car Lovers

Gifts for luxury car lovers
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If you’re looking for a gift for someone who owns a luxury car, you’ll want to choose something that is equally luxurious and special. Car owners with high-end vehicles tend to be discerning and have extreme standards when it comes to their vehicles, so it’s important to choose a gift that matches the quality of their car. 

  • A set of luxury car floor mats: Luxury car floor mats are a practical and stylish gift for car lovers. Look for floor mats that are made from high-quality materials, such as leather or plush carpet, and are designed to fit the make and model of the gift recipient’s car.
  • A comprehensive car washing kit with premium car care products: A car owner takes pride in keeping their car looking clean and shiny, and a car washing kit with premium car care products is a great gift to help them do it. Look for a kit that includes a variety of products, such as car wash soap, wax, tire shine, and glass cleaner, and make sure they are specifically designed for use on luxury cars.
  • A remote start system for a car: A remote start system is a gift that provides convenience and a bit of social status to the recipient. With this gift, they can be out with their friends on a cold night, walk back to the car, and have it on and warmed up by the time they get there. Quite a flex if you ask me!

3.) Gifts for Hybrid or EV Owners

Gifts for hybrid ev owners
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If you know someone who owns a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV), a gift that helps them with their eco-friendly transportation can be a perfect choice. Hybrid and EV owners tend to be environmentally conscious and value efficiency and sustainability, so it’s important to choose a gift that aligns with their values and interests. 

  • A set of electric vehicle (EV) charging cables: EV charging cables are a practical and essential gift for someone who owns or is considering buying an electric car. Look for a set of charging cables that include both Level 1 and Level 2 cables, so the recipient can charge their EV at home or at a public charging station.
  • A portable solar panel and power station that can charge EVs: A portable solar panel charger is a useful and eco-friendly gift for car owners that want to charge their EVs on the go. You will want to find a charger that is compact, lightweight, and easy to use and that can provide a sufficient amount of power to charge an EV battery.
  • A bicycle rack for a car: A bicycle rack is a price-conscious, versatile, and practical gift for many environmentally-conscious people. If they drive an EV, it is likely they will want to reduce their carbon footprint as a whole, and this gift will help them do just that. Make sure that the bike rack you give them is easy to install and use and that it can securely hold one or more bicycles on the back of the recipient’s car.

4.) Gifts for the Car Wash Addict

Gifts for the car wash addict
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If you have a friend or family member who loves washing and detailing their car, then these gifts are sure to be a hit. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, these are a few good gifts for your loved one that washes their car as a hobby:

  • A wheel cleaning brush set: For the car wash enthusiast who loves to keep their wheels sparkling, a wheel cleaning brush set can be a great gift. This type of brush set is specifically designed to clean the wheels and tires, and it has stiff bristles that can remove dirt and grime effectively while also having soft towels and brushes to ensure that the rims aren’t scratched. Many wheel-cleaning brushes are also equipped with a long handle, which can make it easier to clean the wheels without having to bend or stoop. This can be a useful and appreciated gift for the car wash addict who takes pride in their wheels.
  • A car wax and sealant kit: A car wax and/or sealant is a protective and durable gift for car wash enthusiasts who want to preserve and enhance the shine of their car’s paint. You can learn more about waxes and polishing compounds in our article here, but in a nutshell, the loved one that you give this to can use the wax or sealant to protect their car’s paint from contaminants and weather damage and to enhance its shine and depth of color.
  • A high-quality microfiber drying towel: Everyone who washes their car also needs to dry it, so a high-quality microfiber drying towel is a very practical and affordable gift for the weekly car washer. Look for a towel that is made from plush and absorbent microfiber material, not a thin microfiber towel, so that it doesn’t scratch the car’s paint or windows. You will also want the towel to be large enough to cover a large area of the car and to be easy to wring out and reuse. 

5.) Gifts for the Car Detailing Enthusiast

Gifts for detailing enthusiast
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From waxes and polishes to tire shine and tire cleaners, these car detailing products run out on a regular basis. It will be very convenient for your loved one to have extra products on hand, making these gifts perfect for the car lover who is always outside in the heat detailing their car or motorcycle.

  • A car polish and buffer kit: A car polish and buffer kit is on the pricier side, but it is a high-quality gift for loved ones who really love to detail their cars and correct their paint. This kit will help them get out swirl marks and all sorts of paint defects as long as they know how to use it properly. Make sure to get a quality one because a poorly built buffer can lead to errors and potentially damaged paint. 
  • A clay bar treatment set: A clay bar treatment set is essential for anyone who actually wants to detail their car. It is arguably the determining factor between a “car wash” and a “car detailing”. So if you want a gift for someone who loves to “detail,” then they will know exactly how to use a clay bar to get all of the microscopic contaminants out of their paint. 
  • A set of applicator pads: Detailing applicator pads always get dirty and worn down, making them a perfect gift! If your person is always in the garage detailing their car, then you can be certain that they could always use more applicator pads. 

6.) Gifts for the DIY Scratch Repair Car Owner

Gifts for diy scratch repair car owner
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If you know someone who is always fixing up their car, these gifts will help them fix scratches and dings with ease. No more bringing it into a business that will charge them an arm and a leg; they can fix their paint with the gifts below:

  • Touch-up paint: People who love their cars love their paint. If a rock flies up from the road or someone door dings their car in the parking lot, they will immediately want to fix the issue. Touch-up paint is perfect for this. It is an easy way to fill in these blemishes and keep the paint-oriented car owner happy. 
  • A car scratch or swirl remover: If there are large areas of minor scratches or swirl marks in the paint, your friend or family member will love a gift that can remove them. You can learn more about removing swirl marks in our article here.
  • A comprehensive paint correction kit: this gift might be on the higher end when it comes to price, but it covers all of the bases if your person loves to correct their paint! It will give them everything they need in order to bring their paint back to life and keep it protected through the winter seasons. 

7.) Gifts for the Car-Loving Dad, Uncle, or Brother

Gifts for car loving dad uncle brother
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From tools and gadgets to books and magazines, these gifts are perfect for the car lover who is also a dad, uncle, or brother.

  • A diagnostic tool kit: (similar to an OBD2 Scanner): This versatile gift will allow your loved one to plug into their car’s computer system and read the error codes that it is giving. This lets them know what is wrong with the car so they can either fix it themselves or go to the mechanic with knowledge about what might be wrong. If the diagnostic tool kit is too pricey, you can always choose the OBD2 scanner, which is much more budget-friendly. Many of these tools can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, making them even more user-friendly!
  • A car jump starter and portable power bank: We all know that dads love safety, so what better than to get them a portable power source? It is a few hundred dollars, but if the car battery dies unexpectedly, it is well worth it! 
  • Roadside emergency set for your car: Speaking of safety, another option that is a bit more budget-friendly than a portable power bank is a comprehensive roadside emergency kit! This will help your loved one if they are stuck in a pinch and need to air up their tires, jump their vehicle, and many other common issues! 

8.) Gifts for the Everyday Car Owner

Gifts for everyday car owner
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From car cleaning and maintenance kits to car safety and emergency kits, these gifts are perfect for the car lover who wants to keep their car running smoothly and safely. These gifts are relatively inexpensive and are focused on adding to your loved one’s lifestyle.

  • A car seat organizer: Everyone wants to keep their car clutter-free, but how many of us actually do (especially if you have kids)? Instead of having your child’s socks, shoes, and toys all over the car’s interior, you might as well have them organized and off of the ground! If you know someone who struggles to keep their interior tidy, they might appreciate a gift like this, and I’m sure anyone sitting in their back seats would appreciate it too. 
  • A portable car vacuum: These handheld vacuum cleaners are about twenty or thirty dollars, and they can really make someone’s life a lot easier. It takes away the excuse of “oh, I’ll vacuum it later” when your child throws their cheerios on the ground. Get this gift for someone, and they will always have a vacuum with them!
  • A set of car floor mats: Whether you live in a rainy climate or a dry climate, your floors are bound to get dirty. Instead of the actual carpeting of the vehicle getting ruined, it’s worth spending fifty bucks or so in order to protect them with a weather-proof floor mat. This is a budget-friendly gift, and it will definitely be used from the day it is opened!

9.) Gifts for the Exotic Car Owner

Gifts for exotic car owners
Image sources: Amazon

From car covers and storage solutions to car care and detailing products, these gifts are perfect for the car lover who has a luxury or exotic car. They might be more expensive, but that is what any exotic car owner would expect.

  • A car detailing gift card: Every owner of an exotic car wants to keep it clean, but very few of them want to clean it themselves. That’s when the professionals come in! A gift card is an easy way to give a loved one something they will use, but allow them to use it on their own time. 
  • A car alarm or security system: If you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an exotic car, you want to be sure that it’s safe. Even if your loved one has a security system for their vehicle, adding another one won’t hurt! And if the security system is ever actually needed, they will greatly appreciate that you gave it to them. 
  • Tickets to a local car show: Exotic car owners love to look at other exotics! Tickets to a local car show would put a smile on their face when they open the gift, as well as when they experience the show in real life. 

10.) Gifts for the Car Tech Enthusiast

Gifts for car tech enthusiast
Image sources: Amazon

From infotainment systems to dashboard displays, these gifts are perfect for the car lover who loves staying connected and informed while driving.

  • A navigation system: Many cars come with navigation nowadays, but if your loved one doesn’t have a navigation system built in, they will surely appreciate this gift! Using your smartphone for navigation is not a safe or convenient option, so giving this gift will really change someone’s daily life.
  • A heads-up display: You may not have ever heard of a “heads-up display” before, but I guarantee your techy friend has! Heads-up displays allow the driver to see their speed and various other vehicle metrics on their windshield so that they don’t need to look down for them. Making it not only a unique and fun gift but a safety gift as well!
  • A front and rear dash cam system: Many cars have rearview cameras, but barely any have a front camera! Giving the gift of this front & rear camera combo is not only a cool gift for tech folks, but it also provides safety and security for the vehicle from both sides. 

11.) Gifts for the Car Interior Enthusiast

Gifts for car interior enthusiast
Image sources: Amazon

From seat and steering wheel covers to organizers and storage solutions, these gifts are perfect for the car lover who wants to add comfort, style, and protection to their car.

  • A steering wheel cover: A budget-friendly gift that everyone will love, especially if you’re in a cold climate! This will keep your loved one’s steering wheel from getting dirty and the leather wearing out, and even keep their hands from getting too cold in the mornings. 
  • A trunk liner: Many car owners have floor mats, but what about the trunk? That is often an area that is forgotten about, but it is definitely needed! Since the trunk’s carpet fibers are different from the rest of the vehicle, if it gets dirty, it is much harder to clean. Getting a trunk liner will save your loved one a lot of headaches. 
  • A car storage solution: If your person loves their interior, then they will want to avoid getting it cluttered. That said, we are all human, and without a convenient way to avoid clutter, it is bound to happen! Providing them with a storage solution is an affordable way to help them avoid interior car clutter. 

12.) Gifts for Road Trippers and Long Commuters

Gifts for road trippers
Image sources: Amazon

Know someone who spends hours in their car? Let’s make life a bit easier for them. The gifts below are focused on practicality and convenience, helping your loved one make longer road trips and comfortable commutes.

  • A car rooftop cargo box: Any road tripper will value having extra storage on their car’s roof! Instead of hooking up a trailer for extra storage, and rooftop cargo box is a quick and easy way to add storage to a vehicle, and it makes a wonderful gift. 
  • A portable car refrigerator: Anyone traveling long distances, or even just spending a lot of time in the car, will want to have food and drinks handy at all times. But who likes a warm drink? Gifting your loved one a fridge for their car will level up their comfort when driving. 
  • Cup holder extenders: If your loved one is spending hours in the car, there is a good chance they will have a large drink container with them. But we all know that not every cup holder can fit every drink container. A cup holder extender is a very cost-effective gift that can fix this issue. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on the 36 best gifts for car lovers in 2023. In conclusion, it really comes down to your person. Think about who they are, what they enjoy doing, and what their relationship with their vehicle is. That will guide your gift purchasing decisions, and if you ever need to brainstorm some ideas, you can always review our gift suggestions above. 

Since you’ve made it to the end, we want to give one bonus gift idea: a car detailing gift card! These make great stocking stuffers, birthday presents, anniversary gifts, and much more! Since auto detailing is a luxury service, some people may not splurge on themselves and give themselves this gift, so it is up to you to spoil them. 

Best of luck finding the perfect present, and if you ever need us we are always a phone call away!

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