Car Care Tips

car cleaning hacks

13 Expert Car Cleaning Hacks for a Smarter Cleaning Routine

Keeping your car clean can be a challenge, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be an easy and rewarding task. Regular & proper cleaning not only helps keep your car looking good, but it also helps to maintain its value and extend its lifespan. Here are some car cleaning hacks for professional…
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How to Get Mold Out of Car Interior and Carpet

How to Get Mold Out of Car Interior and Carpet: Everything You Should Know

If you have ever been around some food that has gone bad, you know firsthand how disgusting mold could be. On top of causing a mess wherever they grow, some mold species (like the toxic black mold) pose a safety hazard for humans. So, it can be concerning when you find this stuff growing in…
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What is Paint Correction and How Does it Work

What is Paint Correction, and How Does it Work?

When you hear “paint correction”, what comes to your mind? Filling in scratches? Removing swirl marks? Hold that thought. A brand new car looks beautiful because, like everything else that makes up the car, its paint job is fresh out of the factory. But after the car is driven for a bit, you begin to…
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How To Apply Touch Up Paint

How To Apply Touch Up Paint

Owning a car has its pros and cons, and one of the most common issues car owners face is the regular scratches, dents, bumps and grazes from objects and other cars. In all honesty, it is almost impossible to avoid this. Your vehicle will be hit by car doors, bumped by shopping carts and pelted…
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how to get dog hair out of car

14 Unique Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

As a dog owner, it is almost impossible not to get dog hair in your car. As much as we love our furry animals, it can be quite tiring when you find their hair all over your car seats and carpets. If you have ever tried cleaning dog hair off your car upholstery, you will…
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How to Clean Leather Seats the Right Way

How to Clean Leather Car Seats the Right Way

Leather spells luxury, and its luxurious look and feel make it a perfect material for car seats. To retain this luxurious look, it is best practice to clean and condition your leather seats every two to three months.  While it is best practice to clean your leather seats regularly, it is easy to get it…
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