Car Care Tips

how to clean car engine bay

How to Clean Your Car’s Engine Bay, and Keep it Clean

Your engine bay is one of the most critical parts of your car. It houses your engine, transmission, battery, and other vital components that keep your vehicle running.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most neglected parts of your car. Many people never clean their engine bay, and as a result, it can become…
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how to wash ash off car

How to Remove Wildfire Ash from Your Car’s Exterior

The 2022 wildfire season has been one of the most destructive and expensive on record for the west coast. As of early September, over 350,000 acres have been scorched in California alone. Oregon and Washington have also seen significant damage. If you live in an area affected by wildfires, you may have noticed a layer of ash on your…
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Best Car Cleaning Kits in 2022

Best Car Cleaning Kits in 2022

Cars are an integral part of the American way of life. Driving kids to school, picking up groceries, shopping, weekend family trips, going to work, and so on. Americans sure spend a lot of time behind the wheel. As a result, cars often have to brave harsh weather elements like dirt, dust, and road salt,…
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car wax vs car polish

How to Protect Your Car’s Paint and Make It Shine: Wax or Polish?

Caring for your car’s exterior requires more than just a quick wash every now and then. To maintain its deep, rich shine, you must adequately protect the paint from the elements. Not only will this keep your car looking great, but it will also help to preserve its resale value. The best way to care…
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protect your car from the sun and heat

11 Tips to Protect Your Car from the Damaging Effects of Sun & Heat

Most of us know what it’s like to enter a car parked in the sun for a couple of hours. As it turns out, blazing hot car interiors aren’t just uncomfortable. Extreme sunlight and high temperatures can wreak havoc on cars in the long haul. We’re talking flaking paint, faded upholstery, frequent overheating, cracks in…
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White Lexus Car

Give your car some TLC with Big’s Mobile Detailing

Big’s Mobile Detailing is a household name for people at the entire Puget Sound for the past seven years or so. We help provide high-quality maintenance, treatments, detailing, and cleaning services at your convenience.

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