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how much does car detailing cost

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost – The Ins and Outs Of Car Detailing

Cars are a valuable investment to most people, and it is important to keep them looking their best at all times. This is where car detailing comes in. Although taking your car through the nearby automatic car wash gives the exterior a shiny appearance, it doesn’t necessarily account for all the hidden nooks and crannies…
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exterior car detailing

Eco-Friendly Exterior Car Detailing: Everything You Should Know

On the surface, detailing a car may seem like a time-consuming, boring, and rather frustrating process. However, once you know how to do it properly, you’ll learn to love detailing your car each and every time that you do it. Plus, showing off that clean and glistening exterior will make all that time and effort…
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how to get dog hair out of car

14 Unique Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Car

As a dog owner, it is almost impossible not to get dog hair in your car. As much as we love our furry animals, it can be quite tiring when you find their hair all over your car seats and carpets. If you have ever tried cleaning dog hair off your car upholstery, you will…
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how to get sap off a car

How to Get Sap Off a Car – A Detailed Guide

Trees in the Pacific Northwest are valuable to the environment and provide needed shade for cars. However, the price that comes with using a tree as a shade, especially during spring, makes you wonder if it’s worth it. If you park your car under a tree during the tree syrup season, which runs from mid-January…
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12 Best Automotive Glass Cleaners for Clean Windows and Windshields

12 Best Automotive Glass Cleaners for Clean Windows and Windshields

What Is the Best Car Glass Cleaner? Our cars are one of our most prized possessions. So, it is important to keep them in pristine condition at all times. Although a trip to a car wash might remove the dirt from body panels, the windows are an area that is often overlooked. If you are…
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How to Clean Leather Seats the Right Way

How to Clean Leather Car Seats the Right Way

Leather spells luxury, and its luxurious look and feel make it a perfect material for car seats. To retain this luxurious look, it is best practice to clean and condition your leather seats every two to three months.  While it is best practice to clean your leather seats regularly, it is easy to get it…
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