Why Get Your Car Detailed?

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Owning a car can be costly. Aside from the upfront money than purchasing the car requires, you will also have to prepare your wallet for monthly maintenance fees. Maintaining a car does not just include work on the engine, suspension, and other mechanical parts of the car. It also includes keeping the car clean, the paint protected, and all of the other aesthetics aspects of the car in pristine condition.

This is what we call “detailing”. Detailing your car is an investment that you will want to make as a car owner in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Protect your car’s paint. A professional car detailer will apply a coat of wax to your vehicle’s paint that will protect it from the elements for a few months. Sun, rain, hail, you name it! A fresh coat of wax will go a long way to protect your vehicle.

  2. Protect your leather and plastic. Leather and plastic take the wear and tear just like anything else on your vehicle. A proactive approach to protecting these materials will serve you well. Having an auto detailer regularly apply conditioner to your leather, interior plastics, and exterior plastics will go a long way in maintaining the health of these surfaces.

  3. Remove stains, tar, and sap before it’s too late. A good car detailer will deep clean the interiors of your car to remove all kinds of stains and dirt particles accumulated on the carpet and on the seats. This will help prevent the stains from setting in and becoming impossible to remove in the future. The same can happen to your paint! If you have tar or sap stuck to your paint, you will want to point this out to an auto detailer and make sure that it is removed as soon as possible, before it erodes your paint beyond repair.

  4. Maintain the resale value of your car. Taking good care of your car by giving it the appropriate maintenance routine will keep its resale value at a high price. The newer and cleaner your car looks, the higher the price. The buyer will also be more encouraged to buy your car due to the lower reconditioning costs.

  5. You will look way better. People notice when a car has been detailed recently! The tires shine, the paint pops, the windows are clean, and the driver usually has a smile on their face. Besides all of the practical reasons listed above, detailing your car will simply make you feel good when you’re on the road!

In summary, you should have your car professionally detailed at least once a year, but ideally every four months or so. This may feel like a luxury or a splurge, but it actually is a necessity because if you wait for a later date to have it done, the damages will increase along with its price. If frequent detailing services are out of your budget, we would suggest starting by simply hand washing, waxing, and applying conditioner to your vehicle on a regular basis.

So how long has it been since you last had your car professionally detailed? Book an appointment with us and have a spa day for your baby!

Your Neighborhood Detailers,

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