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What is a Virtual Diagnostic?

Are you experiencing car trouble and don't know why? If so, our expert Virtual Diagnostics team can help. With up to one hour of consultation they will troubleshoot your vehicle's issues by listening for noises and running tests on different components of the car.

When it comes to understanding what may be causing the problem and possible costs associated with repairs, we'll provide a comprehensive report that includes all the information needed in order make sure there aren’t any unwanted surprises along the way!

Our technicians have years of experience making sure each customer receives first-class service – so let us take care of your mechanic worries today!

Virtual Diagnostic Experience

Video Call
Full Written Report



Schedule a virtual diagnostic session with our team of certified mechanics at a time that works for you.

Video Call

Join a video call with our mechanics, who will guide you through the diagnostic process and help you identify any issues with your car.

Full Written Report

Receive a full written report detailing the results of the diagnostic session, including any recommended repairs or maintenance. With our virtual car diagnostic service, you can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to the mechanic and getting expert advice from the comfort of your own home.

What People Are Saying About Us Online

4.73 Based on 393 reviews and ratings based on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

Yvette d. Murrell
Yvette D. Murrell
9 January 2023
This was my first time using Big's Mobile Detailing and it won't be my last! Danny was prompt, attentive, communicated well and did thorough work. He was positive, professional, and upbeat, even though he had to detail my car in the rain! When I came out to check on him, he was making my car sparkle, even as he was being rained on! I apologize for the rain and not having a covered place for him to work. Danny said, "No worries. I’m just really glad to be here doing this work!" and went back to the task! Wow! With an attitude like that, I welcome him back any time!! Only two small things...1) the rubber mat in the trunk was pretty wet (from the rain), so I removed it and sat it out to dry inside my garage. and 2) I forgot to mention that I am sensitive to air fresheners and chemical fragrances. The products they used didn't cause me an allergic reaction! Kudos!! I look forward to my next auto detailing with Big's!
Jerry wang
Jerry Wang
8 December 2022
Had an interior detail done. They did an immaculate job; the car looks as good as new! I'm definitely happy with the services provided and will trust them with my future business. (2017) Edit: Had my Tesla Model X detailed again (2022) They really go all out and Rowan’s service was A1. After the detail, my wife said it was like I bought a brand new car. I wish I could give them another 5 stars because their service and attention to detail is exceptional
B thomson
B Thomson
1 December 2022
Nathan did a great job with my old car. I really didn't think it could look as good any more as he made it. Top notch guys, I will be a return customer.
Brian albright
Brian Albright
29 November 2022
Dalton did a fantastic job! Paint job looks new again. Interior smells great and looks even better. Dalton was friendly and respectful of property. Did a very thorough job. Very pleased!
Meredith crafton
Meredith Crafton
15 November 2022
Dalton and Jerry came out and cleaned our very grimey and well-loved Honda Fit and Subaru Forester and did a great job. The cars look really great- algae and stains gone! Fresh and clean. It was so awesome to have them come to our home and get our cars refreshed so they last longer and look better. We’ll definitely have both of them back again - before the cars are so bad next time.
Eva rieb
Eva Rieb
13 November 2022
Just had Riley from Big’s Mobile Detail to our home for a full interior detail on our family SUV and I couldn’t be more pleased! Months of football messes, grass and dust from the Gorge, road trip messes…. You name it, it was probably tucked away in the cracks between the seats of this car. Highly recommend Big’s Mobile Detail! Booked based off reviews and a current 20% coupon and they did not disappoint. Will absolutely book with them again!
Matt wolpin
Matt Wolpin
7 November 2022
Top notch service. On time and professional. They always make my car feel like it did on the first day I bought it.
Mathew werber
Mathew Werber
4 November 2022
----Summary----- I'm very happy with the service and would use Big's again. After pictures are attached, and it looks *great*. This is a 2014 Tacoma with ~120K miles on it, mind you. Lookin' pretty fresh after eight years 🙂 ----Background and customer experience ---- Haven't deep-cleaned my crew-cab Tacoma since buying it in 2020, so between the rain, fishing, and what not, it was time. Did some quick searching, felt that Big's price was in the right ball-park, and ordered their full interior+exterior package. I looked at a few places earlier in the summer and they were booked out for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Fortunately, this time of year (or luck), Big's was available next day. Jerry showed up promptly at 9 AM as scheduled, was clean, friendly, professional, and thorough. The truck looks great, inside and out. Big thanks to Jerry, too... it's cold outside these days and there was some light rain, but that didn't stop him. ---- Post-detail pictures ---- I didn't think to take "before" pictures, but take my word - everything was pretty dirty... lots of exterior wheel grime, dirty truck bed, and more. But that's all gone now 🙂 I did not include a pic of the exterior because its raining and the strong winds have started to blow some nearby pine needs and whatnot onto the truck... so the pic wouldn't have been super helpful, but I can say it looks just as good as the interior. Some of the seats in my photos have some light coloration, but that's just a bit of residual moisture drying out (it takes time in this cold weather). In one or two spots, you might see some small deeper stains, but that's stuff that's in there pretty deep and that I would not expect to come out on a standard detail (and just personal preference, I did not ask / pay for special extended treatment).
Raul arechiga
Raul Arechiga
3 November 2022
Michael assisted me today with my interior detail. Michael was efficient and created a great experience for my service request. Being customer centric is key in any business and Michael adds that value. Overall, great job!

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