Best Car Cleaning Kits in 2022

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Best car cleaning kits in 2022

Cars are an integral part of the American way of life. Driving kids to school, picking up groceries, shopping, weekend family trips, going to work, and so on. Americans sure spend a lot of time behind the wheel. As a result, cars often have to brave harsh weather elements like dirt, dust, and road salt, not to mention a cocktail of air pollutants. This makes it necessary to keep your vehicle squeaky clean, both inside and out.

A clean car not only looks stunning but also lasts longer. A regularly cleaned car interior and exterior comes with other benefits, including:

  • Less wear and tear, which lowers maintenance costs.
  • Reduced friction, which improves fuel efficiency.
  • Prevention of corrosion and rust.
  • Protection of the paint and finishes.
  • Removal of allergens from the ventilation system.

Yet, buying individual car cleaning supplies can be time-consuming and expensive for most car owners.

Best car cleaning kits in 2022 1

That’s where a car cleaning kit comes in.

These cleaning kits have everything you need to clean your car (inside and out) in one convenient package – saving both your time and money. Let’s understand how to find the best 2022 car cleaning kits.

What to Look for When Choosing a Car Cleaning Kit 

You will see different car cleaning supplies, with new ones entering the stores every month. It’s no surprise car owners have difficulties choosing a car cleaning kit. 

There are simply too many options!

If you keep the following factors in mind, choosing a cleaning kit will feel less daunting.

The Type of Vehicle You Have

Luxury car type

One of the first considerations you will have is what type of vehicle you drive. Although you can get a general car cleaning kit, it’s better to go for model-specific cleaning kits because different types of cars will require different levels of care.

For example, luxury cars usually come with seats made from high-quality pure leather. Even though high-quality leather lasts long, it still requires maintenance. Your car cleaning kit should have the necessary leather cleaner and tools (car vacuum and soft bristle brushes) to keep the seats from getting damaged. Think about this before ordering your car cleaning supplies online.

How You Use Your Vehicle

Driving offroad

How you use your vehicle will largely determine what type of car washing supplies you’ll need. For example, your vehicle will need deeper cleanses if you frequently go off-roading.

Off-roading will attract water, sand, and mud. Mud and grime often put all parts of your vehicle with rubber seals or lubricants like grease at risk. Moreover, some types of mud, like red mud, can be very corrosive. You will need to pressure wash your vehicle, scrub the tires carefully, and clean under the hood to prevent damage. In other words, you will need a car cleaning kit designed for a thorough job.

On the other hand, cars used for driving around town may require relatively less frequent cleaning. The company policy will dictate your cleaning routine if you use it for companies like Uber. Do take these factors into account when ordering your car care kit.

How Clean Do You Like to Keep Your Car 

When to use car polish vs wax

This is more of a personal choice, but it does influence which car cleaning kit you buy. For instance, some car owners would want to keep their vehicles tidy, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be spotless.

On the contrary, a perfectionist would want nothing but flawless car detailing, interior, and paint. This means you will need a kit that supports complete car care. It should be as good as professional cleaning and detailing.

Your Budget and Time 

No budget and time to clean car

Another important consideration is your budget and time. The cost of a car cleaning kit depends on the products and tools included in it. The options are far and wide, ranging from basic wash and wax bundles to complete interior and exterior detailing kits.

That said, quality car cleaning kits are the best way to ensure a thorough cleaning. But these kits will cost you a pretty penny. Depending on your needs, you may have to spend up to a few hundred dollars on a kit. Still, such bundles will be more cost-effective than buying individual car cleaning supplies. 

Also, a thorough car cleaning job is time-consuming. You would probably spend your entire Sunday morning cleaning your car. Unless you are a car buff, this isn’t going to be a pleasant chore you look forward to on a lazy Sunday morning. Instead, you can always go for a professional car cleaning and detailing service.

Our Top Car Cleaning Kit Picks for 2022

Now that you know what to consider when selecting a car cleaning kit, let’s check out a few top picks for 2022. Based on the research by our car cleaning and detailing experts, here are our top three cleaning kits per category:

Comprehensive Car Cleaning Kits w/ Tools Provided

These car cleaning kits are the most comprehensive bundles you can find out there. The top three kits in this category include: 

Chemical guys hol169

Best Overall

Chemical Guys HOL169

This is one of the most popular comprehensive car cleaning kits. It includes 16 pieces of car cleaning supplies, ranging from products like Butter Wet Wax and Honeydew to Detailing Bucket and Short handle brush. This complete package makes car cleaning easy, fast, and efficient.

Chemical guys hol148

Chemical Guys HOL148

This is another comprehensive car cleaning kit by Chemical Guys that includes high-quality cleaning and detailing products. You can choose up to 16 pieces of supplies in this bundle. It is ideal for beginners and pros alike. 

Chemical guys hol126

Bang for Your Buck

Chemical Guys HOL126

This car cleaning kit includes up to 14 products. It comes with a foam gun that works with any standard garden hose. In short, you don’t need any other tools to make your car spotless.

Basic Wash & Wax Car Cleaning Kits

These car cleaning kits include entry-level wash and wax supplies. They are certainly cheaper than comprehensive kits but may not offer complete car cleaning. If your cleaning and waxing needs are more basic, try one of the following kits. 

Meguiar's g55012

Best Overall

Meguiar’s G55012 Classic Wash & Wax Kit

Meguiar’s is one of the leading car care brands in the world. This 8-piece car cleaning kit from Meguiar’s comes with high-quality products. It will help you keep everything – interior, exterior, rims, and wheels spotless.

Premium car care kit by armor all

Premium Car Care Kit by Armor All

This car cleaning kit is suited for cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle. From a car wash pad and Armor All Ultra Shine wash and wax – to a multi-purpose car interior cleaner and car air freshener spray, it comes with all the baseline car wash and care products.

Car wash kit by armor all

Bang for Your Buck

Car Wash Kit by Armor All

This is another good-quality car cleaning kit by Armor All. However, this is suitable only for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. It comes with an Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax car wash soap, a Noodle Tech car wash mitt, and a microfiber drying towel.

Full Paint Treatment Kits

As the name suggests, these kits will help you keep the exterior clean. Our top three picks for this category include:

Meguiar's g55032sp complete car care kit

Meguiar’s G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

It includes 12 premium-quality products. This car cleaning kit allows you to keep everything spotless, from the interior to the wheels. But most importantly, it comes with clay bars and a quick detailer that helps remove swirls from the paint.

Chemical guys hol203 black car care kit

Best Overall

Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit

This car cleaning kit is perfect for keeping the paintwork intact, especially black and dark-colored paintwork. It will protect and enhance the appearance of your car. It comes with premium soap, glaze, and wax.

Car wash and car cleaner kit by armor all

Bang for Your Buck

Car Wash and Car Cleaner Kit by Armor All

This is a comprehensive cleaning kit. It comes with 16 fl. oz. Ultra Shine Wash & Wax. This will do a lot to help you keep the paintwork free of debris.

Small Tire, Leather, and Plastic Conditioning Kits 

These kits include cleaning supplies for small tires, leather, and plastic conditioning. Our top three picks in this category are: 

Chemical guys hol303 leather cleaner and conditioner detailing kit

Best Overall

Chemical Guys HOL303MAX

This car cleaning kit helps you clean all things leather, whether seats or interiors. It comes with a pH-balanced leather cleaner, which adds durability and shine to all leather interiors.

Armor all car cleaning kit for car interior and exterior

Bang for Your Buck

Armor All Car Cleaning Kit for Car Interior and Exterior

This 5-piece kit includes tire foam, glass spray, protectant spray, cleaning spray, and a drying towel. Apart from cleaning interiors and exteriors, this kit is best suited for cleaning tires. 

Armor all 18782

Armor All – 18782

This car cleaning kit provides original protectant wipes that can make the vinyl, rubber, and plastic interior shine. It’s also equipped with tools that can quickly remove ground-in dirt, dust, and grime, leaving your car spotless. With lint-free cleaning products, you won’t leave a greasy residue on your hands after a wash.

Cleaning Tool Only Kits

Titeney 21 pieces car cleaning tools kit

Bang for Your Buck

Titeney 21 Pieces Car Cleaning Tools Kit

This is one of the most comprehensive car cleaning kits. It includes a car detailing brush set, drill brush set, wire brush set, and wash brush set for cleaning wheels, interior, exterior, leather, air vents, emblems, and more.

Lianxin car wash cleaning tools kit

Best Overall

LIANXIN Car Wash Cleaning Tools Kit

This car cleaning kit comes with a vacuum, which allows you to get a professional deep clean. You also get soft microfiber cloth towels, red car wash sponges, and a tire brush. That’s complete car care in one package!

Cyecttr car cleaning tools kit

CYECTTR Car Cleaning Tools Kit

This car cleaning kit comes with 19 cleaning tools. These tools include a set of drill brushes, wire brushes, detailing brushes, and supplies for thorough car detailing. If you love DIY car cleaning and detailing, this is a tool kit you must have.

How to Use a Car Cleaning Kit

Once you choose a suitable car cleaning kit for your needs, it’s time to put it to use. Let’s understand how you can do so. This is a three-step process.

Step 1: Prepping Your Vehicle for a Wash 

Prepping your vehicle for a wash

Preparing your car for a wash is as important as the cleaning itself. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start cleaning your vehicle. 

  • First, move your vehicle to a shaded area, preferably your driveway.  
  • Position the hose before you start cleaning. Make sure there are no kinks.  
  • Prepare your wheel/tire cleaning bucket. It should have a grit guard, soap, water, and all your tire cleaning brushes. 
  • You will also need to keep your wash bucket ready. It includes water, soap, and a grit guard. Similarly, prepare a rinse bucket – but only with plain water and a grit guard. 
  • Make sure to declutter your car before the wash. 
  • Use a cart or a bucket to keep all your necessary car cleaning supplies. This should include tools, cleaning products, and towels.

Step 2: Washing the Exterior 

Wash and dry your car frequently

The next step is to wash the exterior of your car. 

  • Pre-soak your vehicle. It will help you remove heavy contaminants and grime quickly and efficiently. 
  • Always wash your car one section at a time. Start at the top and move to the lower areas. 
  • Remember, the lower areas of your car will have extra grime and contaminants. Make sure to wash it thoroughly. You may also want to pre-soak these areas a little longer. 
  • Make sure to rinse your mitt/sponge after each pass. You can hose off the mitt/sponge if it gets too dirty. Clean the mitt/sponge before putting it back into the wash bucket – or you’ll end up applying the grime right back onto your vehicle. 
  • Use a different mitt/sponge to clean your tires and wheels. 
  • Once you have washed your car’s exterior, dry it using a towel. Immediate drying is necessary to avoid water spots. 

Step 3: Cleaning the Interior

What goes into car detailing cost

Once the exterior is clean and dried, you can start cleaning the interior. If you haven’t already, clear all the trash from your vehicle. Check every nook and corner thoroughly. 

  • Pull out the floor mats. Shake them before vacuuming. This will help clear the dirt quickly. After vacuuming, wash the floor mats with soap and water or use a foaming floor mat cleaner from your kit. Let them air dry completely. 
  • Vacuum front and back seats, floors, dashboard, and the trunk. Vacuum thoroughly, including the area under the pedals and side door panels. 
  • Use cleaning wipes or a soft microfiber cloth to wipe away all the dust and grime. You can use a car interior cleaner if necessary. Wipe everything clean, including cup holders, glove compartment, dashboard, steering wheel, interior windows, cup holders, and seats. 
  • Use a leather cleaner to clean leather seats. 
  • After you have wiped the interior clean, spray it with a car freshener. The scent should linger, making your vehicle smell fresh and clean.

Wrap Up  

Keeping your car clean not only improves its appearance – but also improves its longevity. Regular car cleaning will protect your vehicle from dirt, grime, road salt, and other harmful contaminants. The good news is a comprehensive kit can help you clean everything, from wheels and tires to dashboard and cup holders. And this post will help you find the best car cleaning kits, depending on your needs and budget.

Although a car cleaning kit can keep your car tidy, your vehicle will need a professional wash and detailing periodically. Detailing and cleaning experts at Big’s Mobile will help clean your vehicle inside out. We offer different car detailing services, including a 12-point health inspection. Call (425) 243-9155 or reach out online for details.

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