15 Car Interior Cleaning Tips

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15 car interior cleaning tips

When people think of car detailing, they often only focus on the exterior. However, if you want your vehicle to look its best, it’s important to deep clean the interior, too.

After all, your car’s interior is what you spend the most time looking at while you’re driving. If it’s dirty and dingy, your entire experience behind the wheel will be uncomfortable.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with fifteen tips for cleaning every nook and cranny of your car’s interior.

1. Gather Trash and Debris

Gather trash and debris inside car

The first thing you’ll want to do when cleaning your car’s interior is gathering up any lingering trash into a bag. This includes everything from fast food wrappers, napkins, or cups.

Once you’ve gathered all the trash, dispose of it properly. Don’t leave the trash bag in your car to make more work for yourself later.

2. Dust the Interior

Car interior dusting

Next, it’s time to tackle the interior surfaces of your car. Start by using a damp cloth or microfiber cloth to dust all hard surfaces, like the dashboard and other plastic trim pieces.

Pay special attention to areas prone to collecting dirt and dust, such as around the air vents. These areas can be challenging to clean with a cloth, so you may need a soft-bristled brush to reach all the debris.

3. Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces

Vehicle interior disinfection

After you’ve dusted, it’s time to focus on disinfecting commonly used surfaces within your vehicle. This includes the steering wheel, door handles, gear shift, and anything else you touch frequently.

When cleaning these surfaces, use a safe disinfectant for plastics and other common materials found in cars. You can find disinfectant wipes specifically designed for use on car interiors at most auto parts stores.

4. Vacuum the Seats, Carpets, and Floor Mats

Vacuum upholstery

Once you’ve dusted and wiped down all the hard surfaces, it’s time to vacuum the seats, carpets, and floor mats.

Start by vacuuming the seats to catch any dirt, dust, or crumbs that may have settled. Next, move on to the floor mats, carpets, and areas in between the seats. If your car has removable floor mats, be sure to clean the carpet underneath them, too.

5. Condition Your Leather Upholstery

Condition car leather upholstery

If your car has any leather upholstery, it’s important to condition these surfaces regularly. This will help keep the leather from drying out and cracking over time.

There are many leather conditioners on the market, so choose one specifically designed for automotive use. You can find these products at most auto parts stores or online.

6. Deep Clean Carpeted Floors and Fabric Seats

Vehicle carpet deep cleaning

If you have carpeted floors or fabric seats, they will eventually require deep cleaning. This is especially true if they are light-colored fabrics, as they tend to show dirt, stains, and even mold more easily.

There are many commercial carpet cleaners available on the market. You can also rent a carpet cleaner from many hardware stores. If there are any stubborn stains, you may need to pretreat these areas with a stain remover before the deep cleaning.

7. Wipe Down the Windows

Wipe down car window

Next, you will want to turn your attention to the windows. This includes both the inside of your windshield and the side windows.

You can use a simple, store-bought glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to clean your windows. Avoid using any cleaners with ammonia, as this compound can damage the tinting.

8. Clean the Mirrors

Clean vehicle mirrors

After you’ve cleaned the windows, it’s time to focus on the mirrors.

Start by wiping the mirrors down with a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, or smudges. If there are any stubborn areas, you can use a glass cleaner and lint-free cloth to remove them. This will also help remove any streaks left behind.

9. Shampoo the Floor Mats

If you have floor mats in your car, it’s important to shampoo them regularly. This will help clean the mats themselves, but it will also improve your vehicle’s air quality by removing any dirt and dust that may be left behind.

To clean your car’s floor mats, you can use a store-bought carpet cleaner. Once your mats are clean, let them air dry completely before returning to your vehicle.

10. Polish the Leather Seats

Polish leader seats

If your car has leather seats, you’ll want to give them a good polish every now and then. This will help protect the leather from moisture, dirt, and dust, keeping it looking nice for years to come.

There are many leather polishes on the market. You can apply the polish with a lint-free cloth, following the instructions on the product label.

11. Clean the Trunk

Clean car trunk

The trunk of your car is often one of the dirtiest areas. It’s where we tend to store all of our gear, and it’s also one of the most neglected areas when it comes to cleaning.

To clean your car’s trunk, start by removing any trash or debris that may be inside. Next, vacuum the trunk to remove any dust and debris. Finally, wipe down the edges of the trunk with a damp cloth to remove any lingering dirt.

12. Use Compressed Air to Clean Hard to Reach Areas

Compressed air cleaning

If you have any hard-to-reach areas in your car that still need cleaning, you can use compressed air to clean them. This will help dislodge any dirt or dust stuck in areas such as your middle console.

You can find compressed air dusters at most hardware stores or online. Simply point the nozzle at the area you need to clean and hold down the trigger.

13. Patch Up Any Holes or Rips in Your Upholstery

If you have any rips or holes in your upholstery, it’s important to repair them promptly. This will prevent the damage from spreading and ensure that your interior stays looking its best.

There are many ways to repair holes or rips in upholstery. For small holes, you can use a patch kit. However, you may need to replace the upholstery altogether for larger damage, which is a job best left to the professionals.

14. Eliminate Lingering Odors

There are a few things you can do to eliminate lingering odor. First, try using a store-bought odor eliminator. If you still can’t seem to get rid of the odor, you may need to clean or replace your car’s air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter can cause musty smells to linger in your vehicle.

If these tactics don’t work, you may need to have your vehicle professionally cleaned.

15. Consider Using an Automotive Detailing Service

Red luxury car

If you’re having trouble keeping your car clean or simply don’t have time, you may consider using an automotive detailing service.

Automotive detailers are trained to clean and polish your car inside and out. This includes everything from washing and waxing the exterior to shampooing the carpets and upholstery.

In Conclusion

Cleaning your car may seem like a daunting task, but it’s quite simple – especially if you do it regularly. By following the tips above, you can keep your car looking its best for years to come.

If you’d like to schedule an auto detail, Big’s Mobile Detailing is here to help! Our team of experts has years of experience providing high-quality auto detailing services. From washing and waxing to shampooing and polishing, we’ll get your vehicle looking its best – inside and out.

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