Detailers As A Service (DAAS)

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Need Professional Auto Detailers ASAP? This Service Is For You!

If you need auto detailers to add to your current team, DAAS is the perfect solution. Our auto detailers are not only professionals when it comes to auto detailing, but also when it comes to customer service and professionalism. Making it seamless to plug them in with your current team of auto detailers and begin seeing results.

No onboarding, no training, our detailers are ready to go from day 1! Additionally, we handle all of the payroll expenses on our end, saving you more money than hiring in-house.

We provide the workers, you determine what services are performed. Instead of paying a flat rate for one of our entire detailing packages, you will have our auto detailers for a specified amount of time. This allows you to control what is worked on and decide what the most efficient way for the detailer to spend his/her time might be.

As our auto detailers are working alongside your auto detailers, they will naturally be sharing insights about the auto detailing industry. Our experienced detailers may be able to provide your internal team with tips and tricks as they collaborate that will make your internal auto detailing operations more efficient for years to come.

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